“Talking Head” Demo

Lighting and composition demonstrated in diverse environments in narrative, documentary, corporate and entertainment programming. Employed various depths of field, daylight / tungsten light mix, green screen, and live set / green screen blends.

FedEx Chicago Metroplex

The Chicago FedEx Metroplex sorting and air shipping center is bustling with activity early morning and late night, not when the Grand Opening occurs. We created a video overview of the facility for VIPs and the Media (abridged)

Unsolved Mysteries: Thank You Big Brother

A young man searches for the “Big Brother” that helped him through a childhood separation from his father (abridged). DP / Operator Cosgrove-Meurer Productions

Against All Odds: Trucker Attorney

A City of Chicago truck driver sues the City, pro se, after a politically motivated firing (abridged) Cinematographer Cosgrove-Meurer Productions